Certification Game Testing Services

Leverage video game compliance testing by SnoopGame. Meet every legal standard and regulatory requirement with no repetitive build submissions

Make Sure Your Game is Regulation-Compliant

Once an Alpha build reaches significant milestones, it’s critical to start compliance testing. It ensures comprehensive coverage and seamless game submission. Our extensive device inventory covers Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS platforms. The SnoopGame proficient team conducts thorough compliance testing. We follow the latest regulations set forth by platform manufacturers. Our company always aims to achieve a successful first-pass submission. So far our Success publishing rate, after compliance testing is 100%.


During the compliance game testing, we use tools that facilitate test execution and defect tracking. They also handle performance and stability monitoring the platform manufacturers provide. This procedure requires an experienced team to guarantee meticulous adherence to all requirements. And that’s what we at SnoopGame offer.

Exhausted by Repetitive Submission Builds?

Ensure appropriate localization and adhere to age and content restrictions hassle-free. Tackle data privacy issues, match every manufacturer’s guideline, and reach successful game submissions in one build with SnoopGame’s compliance testing solutions.

Testing Solutions We Employ

Our compliance testing services examine and confirm that your game complies with all applicable regulations, including the following:

  • Sony Technical Requirements Checklist (TRC)
  • Nintendo Lotcheck
  • Microsoft Technical Certification Requirements (TCR/XR)
  • iOS and Android Compliance Checklists

Violating regulatory aspects leads to missing market opportunities. Besides, you may face significant development expenses when retesting and resubmitting the game.

Our Game QA Lab

With SnoopGame, compliance testing solutions are available across various devices

  • 450+ mobile devices

    iOS, Android & Amazon

  • Console Devices

    PS 4/5 (Dev + Test Kits), Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck

  • PC

    Windows, Mac

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

    Oculus 2, Vive, HTC, PS VR, Valve index

Do you have to submit your build several times for subbing because it doesn’t comply with the guidelines and standards set by the vendor?

We can help you avoid financial and time losses by ensuring that the game adheres to the platform manufacturers’ rules and regulations.

Our Game Compliance Testing Process

While testing QA compliance in video game, we follow our thorough and detailed approach

  • 01

    Requirements analysis

    Our team carefully examines technical documentation and game design documents. This way, we better understand your game’s features and functionalities

  • 02

    Test planning and environment setup

    SnoopGame experts develop test cases and scenarios for upcoming testing. Additionally, we configure the test environment to ensure effective functional game testing

  • 03

    Test execution

    Our professionals execute the defined test scenarios. We carefully assess the game’s compliance and identify potential bugs or defects

  • 04

    Defect logging and tracking

    When our experts notice defects during our tailored QA compliance video game testing services, they log them in the bug tracker. Also, we provide detailed descriptions with screenshots or videos. It facilitates swift resolution by your development team

  • 05

    Bug fix verification and regression testing

    Following the resolution of reported bugs, our experts conduct a functional testing round to validate the fixes’ efficiency. Through regression testing, we ensure that the bug fixes don’t introduce any new errors in other game areas

  • 06

    Report preparation

    We deliver detailed reports and actionable insights. They cover the conducted tests, identified errors and their current status, and the game’s overall quality check. Our approach to functional testing guarantees a detailed review of every game feature and prompt resolution of any issues


We are proud to support industry leaders around the world

  • Studio Head at Hitcents.com

    “SnoopGame provides excellent service. We aim to work with teams that are timely, efficient, responsible, and thorough communicators – SnoopGame hits all the requirements. I brought them on to work with one of our partnered dev studios to QA their game. SnoopGame was able and willing to work within the required timeframes but didn’t sacrifice the quality of their work. The devs were very pleased with the sufficiency and clarity of the testing reports, which ultimately translated to a better experience for players.”

  • Executive Producer at Manifesto Games

    Túlio Caraciolo

    “SnoopGames helped us with some of our games for Android, iOS, and Web. They provided a superb testing service on all those platforms with very detailed bug reports and communication.”

  • Director of Markeb EURASIAN

    Oleksii Bagrii

    “I would strongly recommend working with SnoopGame for a couple of reasons. First of all, is reliability. SnoopGame delivers top-notch services for all HiddenCity platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web, Amazon) We strive to create a top-quality product, and partnership with this company was the right decision. The second thing is communication. They provide a quick response with comprehensive reports.”

  • CEO, Akupara Games

    David Logan

    “SnoopGame was very easy to work with. I loved that they assigned people to our project and that we were able to communicate throughout the entire process. It was super convenient all the mobile devices they had on hand to assist our team with testing.”

  • Quality Assurance Manager at Zeptolab

    Dmitry Klimov

    “We have been working with SnoopGame QA outsourcing since the beginning of 2016. They are a professional and flexible team. Always show excellent speed and quick response to changes in projects and processes.”

  • Game Director and Co-Founder at Helium9 Games

    Iskander Umarov

    “SnoopGame helped us with QA for our game on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. They managed to fulfill all of our requests and instructions, working the way we wanted QA to work, and providing the detailed testing reports in the format we required. Snoop Game QA had become an extension of our department integrated into our own workflow allowing us to get more game QA when we need it with minimal overhead on our end. We are happy with our cooperation and we can recommend SnoopGame as a dependable and flexible QA service provider!”

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