Deep Rock Galactic

Client Overview

  • Game Intro

    “Deep Rock Galactic” is an exhilarating cooperative first-person shooter game. Set in a futuristic universe, this game plunges players into the role of elite space dwarves working for the Deep Rock Galactic mining corporation.

  • Business Requirements

    In their pursuit of ensuring a seamless release and certification of “Deep Rock Galactic” on the PlayStation 4 platform, our client sought our expertise. The primary objective was to prepare the game for certification by platform holders, necessitating the involvement of experienced specialists.

    Tested on

    • PlayStation 4


We allocated a dedicated team of 2 highly skilled CQA specialists to ensure the meticulous execution of compliance testing for “Deep Rock Galactic.”

Game Testing Solutions

We swiftly responded to Ghost Ship Games’ requirements by implementing a focused and targeted solution:

  • CQA (Compliance Testing)

    Meticulous compliance testing tailored specifically for the PlayStation 4 platform to meet the stringent standards set by platform holders.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

The collaboration resulted in significant benefits:

  • Timely Certification

    Through rigorous compliance testing and expert oversight, the game achieved timely certification from platform holders upon the initial submission, streamlining the release process.

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