How we work

Ensure smooth mobile gaming experience without sacrificing quality with SnoopGame’s mobile game testing services. Get a comprehensive evaluation from our team to ensure cross-platform performance, maximize user engagement, and eliminate potential glitches

How we work

  • Fixed price

    Choose our fixed-price model for well-defined QA services. It includes:

    • Fixed budget
    • Minimal customer involvement
    • Short to average test duration
    • Complete access to all available devices
    • Guaranteed final product upon QA service completion

    Provide our QA team with essential details and requirements, and we’ll deliver the best results possible. We’ll handle everything professionally, and you’ll receive an invoice promptly after each job

  • Time and materials

    Get transparent and flexible outsourced QA services with our time & material approach. It comprises:

    • Flexible budget
    • Extensive customer engagement
    • Average to long test duration
    • Specific, on-demand project equipment

    Daily project progress reports and flexible scheduling
    This option is available for both outstaffing and outsourcing, and you’ll receive an invoice after each test run or every month

  • Dedicated team

    Benefit from your own testing services department with our dedicated team model. It includes:

    • Full customer engagement
    • Quality of all time and materials
    • Complete control over the testing process
    • Adjustable team size, scope, and needs
    • Long-term value

    This approach ensures continuous support for all types of products, and you’ll receive monthly invoices for your convenience

  • Customized solutions

    Test complex applications and games with our customized solution model. It comprises:

    • Integrated testing scheme for complex apps
    • Flexible testing approach
    • Vast, skilled QA team for diverse challenges
    • Extensive experience in game and app testing

    If this tailored approach is your best choice, contact our team for a free consultation and customized project quote

Our Game Testing Process

We use comprehensive testing methodologies at SnoopGame to deliver a smooth testing process

  • 01

    Analyzing requirements

    Our team carefully studies your game’s technical and design requirements and goals to better understand your testing needs

  • 02

    Planning tests and preparing test environment

    We create test cases and scenarios and set up the test environment following the predefined requirements

  • 03

    Executing tests

    SnoopGame experts execute the planned test scenarios to assess your game and identify potential bugs and glitches

  • 04

    Logging and tracking errors

    Our specialists document all discovered defects in the bug tracker, providing detailed descriptions with screenshots and videos

  • 05

    Verifying bug fixes and conducting regression testing

    We verify the implemented bug fixes and execute regression tests to ensure no new defects appear in your game

  • 06

    Preparing reports

    Our team provides in-depth reports on tests conducted, bugs found and their status, and suggested solutions

Testing Tools

Here’s a full range of video game testing tools we leverage

  • Gathering logs

    Visual Studio, Dbgview, Android Debug Bridge, LogCat, iOS Console, iTunes, iTools, Xcode

  • Mobile application testing tools

    Testflight, Hockey App, Google Play Beta Program, Firebase App Distribution

  • Issue tracking platform

    Jira, Asana, Trello, HacknPlan, Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack, Trac, Bugzilla, Visual Studio Team System

  • API test

    Swagger, Postman, Charles Proxy, Redis

  • Network traffic analyzer

    Charles, Fiddler

  • Test case management tools

    TestRail, TestCaseLab, Zephyr, Google Sheets

How We Estimate

At SnoopGame, we guarantee a streamlined and transparent estimation process to deliver the most accurate project timelines and costs. Here’s how we do it:

  • Having established a cooperation model and requirements, we deliver a time estimation with your project divided into subtasks
  • Considering the platforms, genre, and other factors, we choose the most suitable types of testing for your game
  • Our experts analyze the documentation and/or application build and decompose its functionality into constituent blocks
  • We calculate the testing duration for each constituent block
  • Our specialists factor in risks to ensure the estimate remains accurate even with potential challenges or delays during testing
  • We provide a convenient document at the output that allows you to manipulate, add, or remove testing blocks as needed. This document also presents the total number of hours and the cost for the entire application

Rest assured, we don’t tie you down with hidden costs or burden you with extra charges for senior QA experts. SnoopGame leaves you confident in the path ahead with complete transparency in estimation.

How We Start

Your testing is only 24 hours away:

  • Intro call/short chat

  • NDA Signing

  • Test team evaluation and allocation

  • Contract signing

  • Start of work


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