Ready or Not

Client Overview

  • Game Intro

    “Ready or Not” is a gripping tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game that immerses players in high-pressure law enforcement scenarios. Set in a tense and realistic environment, this game challenges players to navigate through various missions that require strategic planning, precise execution, and quick decision-making skills.

  • Business Requirements

    VOID Interactive required substantial support to prepare Ready or Not for its imminent launch out of early access. The pressing need was to ensure the game’s stability, reliability, and overall quality before the critical release.

    Tested on

    • PC (Windows)
    • Steam


We dedicated a proficient team comprising a QA Lead along with four skilled middle testers.

Game Testing Solutions

Understanding the criticality of the task at hand, we meticulously executed a multi-faceted testing approach, encompassing various crucial elements:

  • Functional Testing

    Rigorous assessment of game functions to ensure seamless gameplay.

  • Performance Testing

    Analyzing the game’s performance under various conditions to optimize speed and stability.

  • Regression Testing

    Thorough checks to ensure new changes didn’t negatively impact existing functionalities.

  • UI/UX Testing

    Assessing user interface and experience to guarantee a user-friendly interface.

  • Multiplayer Testing

    Verifying the game’s multiplayer functionality for a smooth gaming experience.

  • New Features Testing

    Comprehensive testing of new additions to ensure they integrate seamlessly.

  • Checklists Creation

    Development of meticulous checklists for consistent and comprehensive testing procedures.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

The collaboration between VOID Interactive and us yielded several impactful outcomes:

  • Enhanced Confidence

    The rigorous testing procedures instilled heightened confidence in the game’s stability and reliability before its release.

  • Internal Team Strengthening

    VOID Interactive’s internal team was equipped to handle larger work volumes effectively, bolstering their capabilities.

  • Meeting Deadlines

    By scrutinizing complex mechanics, the testing phase facilitated meeting all planned deadlines, ensuring a timely and high-quality release.

  • User Satisfaction

    The result was evident in the positive user reviews on Steam, indicating satisfied gamers delighted with the game’s quality.

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