QA Service Provision Models

Fixed price

Fixed price

It is the best model for the QA services that are defined very well.

  • Fixed budget
  • There is not much involvement of customers
  • The test duration is short to average
  • The client gets the complete access to all available devices
  • The client gets the definite final product at the end of our assignment

Provide our QA team with all necessary information, assembly, and requirements, so we can perform our best and satisfy you with the result.

We also present an invoice after each job.

Time and materials

Time and materials

Transparent and flexible outsourced QA services

  • Flexible budget
  • A lot of customer engagement
  • The test duration is average to long
  • Ability to order specific equipment for the specific project
  • Daily project progress reports and flexible scheduling

Available for both Outstaff and Outsource. An invoice will be issued after each test run or monthly.

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Your own testing services department

  • Full customer engagement
  • Quality of all time and materials
  • Full control over the testing process
  • Adjustable team size, scope, and needs
  • Long-term value through experience of outsource QA services

For continuous support of all kinds of products. We will issue and send you the invoice every month.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Integrated quality mobile game testing scheme for complex applications

There is no need to strictly follow a specific scheme to begin hiring QA. Our Team is vast.
Experience in testing games and applications.

Visit Contact Us section or write us at to get a free consultation.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

✓Documents acceptance

Results documentation of compatibility tests for games meet the acceptance criteria for the application and have been approved by the customer.

✓Test plan results

Used to get a clear understanding of project views, requirements, and publishing plans.


Describes the test scope, approval status, and test results for the relevant test plans and test cases, including tables and graphs. You can get a bug report jira if needed. So when you’ll need a jira but report template, just contact us so we can share it for you!

Our computer test game processes are described here