Our mission:

Eliminate the unintended suffering in video games

From hyper-casual fun to complex AAA projects.

We help to build a future where everything is working as intended.

We are the first QA company with a focus on game testing in Ukraine.

Our team was united by an opportunity to join the global gaming industry and provide value for both gamers and developers.

We maintain the testing process for some of the best and biggest games in the world. Our skills are best suited for creating a tailored testing procedure that will perfectly suit the needs of the project.

Started as a single-client team focused on providing QA for just one project we then gradually realized our potential as a games-oriented QA laboratory on an international scale.

Our values:

• Flexibility 📊

• Effectiveness ⏱️

• Transparency 🔎

• Professionalism 📌

Let’s make a dream of a better world come true!

  • 7 YEARS in the industry


  • 30 TESTERS in-house

  • 40+ Partners chose us

  • 100+ Projects Tested

  • >9000 BUGS Reported

Our story


We established the company back in 2013 and had to work hard to get to our current position.

At first we occupied Fabrika Coworking Space, struggling to get experience and renown.

3 employees
5 mobile devices
3 laptops
Based in the co-working


We moved in a brand-new office building, with our HQ at the 8th floor and the view was fascinating. Our processes and documentation were mostly already established at this point. We started to hire more people and helped them learn our work standards.

7 employees
16 mobile devices
5 desktop PC’s + 2 iMac’s
Based in the “Out of a box” office building


Pretty uneventful year, where we accumulated budget and expertise – without rapid growth or particularly breathtaking projects.

We are remembering 2015 for an immense amount of calls and negotiations that needed to be carried out.

9 employees
16 mobile devices
7 desktop PC’s + 2 iMac’s
Based in the “Out of a box” office building


Here we started working with Zeptolab, Nanobit and Sports Illustrated Play.

Some of our employees were working on out-staff projects in local companies, therefore helping us to educate a new wave of testers.

We visited:

Games Gathering in Kyiv;

GameDev Conference in Lviv;

14 employees
22 mobile devices
10 desktop PC’s + 4 iMac’s
Based in the “Out of a box” office building


We have moved to our second office and also started a cooperation with Awem and Game House

The plan is to smash the wall dividing us and transform the office into 300 square meters open space.

We visited:

Get.IT in Odessa;

Casual Connect in Kyiv;

White Nights in Moscow;

Games Gathering in Kyiv;

31 employees
39 mobile devices
27 desktop PC’s + 4 iMac’s
Based in the customized open-space


Our team secured SnoopGame presence at the international arena, showcasing our services worldwide.

We visited:

WeGame 4.0 in Kyiv;

gamescom in Cologne;

Nordic Game in Malmö;

Games Gathering in Kyiv;

Digital Dragons in Kraków;

Casual Connect in Shenzhen;

Game Connection Europe in Paris;

45 employees
85 mobile devices
38 desktop PC’s + 7 iMac’s
Based in the even more customized open-space

Conference map


Our team has launched an offline courses platform to educate the next generation of testers for the growing industry.

Сurrently 30 students have finished the course.

Learn more at courses.snoopgame.com (The site is in Ukrainian/Russian for our hometown)

We visited:

Reboot Develop Blue 2019 in Dubrovnik;

Digital Dragons 2019 in Krakow;

Indie Game Developers Odessa: Summer in Odessa;

Games Gathering 2019 in Odessa;

Devcom 2019 in Cologne;

gamescom 2019 in Cologne;

Games Gathering 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine

You can schedule a call with our Business Development Director to learn more about SG QA plans and goals.


We are achieving something right now!