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We provide testing and debugging services for publishers and developers.
Our in-house QA works for the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
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Our specialization

  • On-demand testing
  • End-to-end testing services
  • Dedicated QA/QC department
  • Test infrastructure development
  • Remote QA Engineer for your team
Platforms we test

Platforms we test:

Platforms we test

We can acquire any additional hardware upon your request.

QA process in the nutshell:

QA process in the nutshell 01

Obtaining builds, documentation and relevant information

QA process in the nutshell 02

Requirements analysis, test plan and test cases creation

QA process in the nutshell 03

Text execution according to the agreed scope and desired timeline

QA process in the nutshell 04

Defects logging and combining gathered data into a detailed report

QA process in the nutshell 05

Sending report and feedback after each iteration or daily

QA process in the nutshell 06

Defect fix verification and validation continuous improvement

What are the challenges of games testing?


Sustaining up to date internal QA department comes with tremendous time and money spendings.

SnoopGame will set up workplaces, buy the newest devices, pay salaries and taxes, provide motivation and training for testers thus allowing you to focus on what matters – your product.


Maintaining balanced team growth becomes way harder over time, especially after the release.

SnoopGame allow you to implement a flexible and scalable test process. You will be able to predictably plan the expansion costs and seamlessly grow your team without unnecessary effort.


Long onboarding cycle for inexperienced new hires and all-purpose QA specialists into game dev.

SnoopGame teams are already aware of the specifics of games genres and platforms, thus able to engage in fully-fledged testing with the minimum amount of details and at any development stage.


Indirect touches with QA and crowdsourcing testing teams through managers and sales reps.

SnoopGame assigns a dedicated QA Project Lead for communication, planning, testing and issue verification for each project. It’s just like having own QA Manager working remotely.

Game testing is crucial to ensure that you’re delivering something players really want to play.


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