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What are the challenges of games testing?

  • Sustaining up to date internal QA department comes with tremendous time and money spendings.

    SnoopGame will set up workplaces, buy the newest devices, pay salaries and taxes, provide motivation and training for testers thus allowing you to focus on what matters – your product.

  • Maintaining balanced team growth becomes way harder over time, especially after the release.

    SnoopGame allow you to implement a flexible and scalable test process. You will be able to predictably plan the expansion costs and seamlessly grow your team without unnecessary effort.

  • Long onboarding cycle for inexperienced new hires and all-purpose QA specialists into game dev.

    SnoopGame teams are already aware of the specifics of games genres and platforms, thus able to engage in fully-fledged testing with the minimum amount of details and at any development stage.

  • Indirect touches with QA and crowdsourcing testing teams through managers and sales reps.

    SnoopGame assigns a dedicated QA Project Lead for communication, planning, testing and issue verification for each project. It’s just like having own QA engineer in a room next to you.

Our process in the nutshell:

The 5 steps to start QA



Dmitry KlimovLinkedIn

Quality Assurance Manager at Zeptolab

We have been working with SnoopGame since the beginning of 2016. They are a professional and flexible team. Always show excellent speed and quick response to changes in projects and processes.


Túlio CaracioloLinkedIn

Executive Producer at Manifesto Games

SnoopGame’s helped us on some of our games for Android, iOS, and Web. They provided a superb testing service on all those platforms with very detailed bug reports and communication.


Maria Lucía Moreno SeoaneLinkedIn

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Sports Illustrated Play

The SnoopGame team has been working with our company since we first initiated our QA department in June 2016, and we are still working with them.
They got up to speed quickly on our league manager platform and have been worked on both mobile and web projects without a problem, verifying not only the requested tasks from our dev team but also adding value to the user experience. For these reasons, I can recommend SnoopGame as an effective partner.


  • iOS iOS
  • macOS macOS
  • Android Android
  • Amazon Amazon
  • Windows Windows
  • Smart TV SmartHub
  • VR/AR/MR Oculus
  • Gaming Consoles PS

We can acquire any additional hardware upon your request.

Testing Coverage by Hardware/OS (Pop-up)

5 reasons to choose us

  • Easy to start

    We only need NDA to start evaluating your project and SLA to execute every test that follows ever.

  • Global Reach

    From California and Buenos Aires to Hong Kong and Sydney, thanks to location in UTC+2, we help teams from all over the world.

  • Quick Response

    From your initial contact to our first response is always less than 24 hours. Try now: >sales@snoopgame.net

  • Streamlined Process

    In our first interactions, we know what questions to ask you in order to achieve your business goals and satisfy testing needs.

  • Fast Growing And Experienced

    Started as a 3-man team in just 5 years we scaled up x15 times to 45-person enterprise. We know how to establish QA process from scratch, as well as how to integrate ourselves into the existing development pipeline and instantly bring value to your team.






  • 5 YEARS as we together