House of Fun – Casino Slots

Game Intro

  • Client Overview

    Popular slot machine game, captivating millions of players across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Web, and Amazon. As the demand for seamless gaming experiences grew, our client sought to enhance the quality and efficiency of its game development process.

  • Business Requirements

    Our client recognized the need for an expert QA team to ensure the reliability, performance, and functionality of their slot machine game. The primary business requirements for the outsourced QA team included:

    • Regression Testing: Ensuring that new updates and features do not adversely affect existing functionalities.
    • Functional Testing: Verifying the core functionalities of the game to ensure smooth gameplay.
    • Admin Testing: Validating the administrative features and controls of the game.
    • Slot Cloning: Establishing a dedicated team for testing cloning slots, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of errors 



    • iOS
    • Android
    • Amazon
    • Web

Game Testing Solutions

  • Test Documentation

    The QA team meticulously documented test cases and test scenarios to maintain a structured and organized testing process.

  • Content Testing

    Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of in-game content, including graphics, animations, and game elements.

  • Installation Testing

    Verifying smooth installation and uninstallation processes across different platforms.

  • Performance Testing

    Assessing the game’s responsiveness, stability, and resource utilization under different loads.

  • Localization Testing

    Validating the game’s compatibility with diverse languages and regions.

  • Exploratory Testing

    Uncovering potential issues and defects through ad-hoc testing approaches.

  • UI Testing

    Evaluating the user interface for consistency, intuitiveness, and aesthetics.

  • Smoke Testing

    Conducting initial tests to identify critical defects before proceeding with comprehensive testing.

  • Sanity Testing

    Ensuring that the most vital functions of the game are working correctly after each update.

  • In-App Purchase Testing

    Verifying the seamless functionality of in-app purchases for players.

  • Analytics Testing

    Validating the accuracy of data collected for analytics and reporting purposes.

  • Testing the Client-Server Part

    Ensuring smooth communication between the client and server components.


To streamline the testing process, the QA team utilized a range of cutting-edge tools and technologies, including Jira for issue tracking, TestRail for test case management, Charles for web debugging, Redis for caching, MySQL Workbench for database management, Aerospike and Aerosheet for data storage, Swagger for API testing, Fiddler and Postman for HTTP testing, Facebook Developers for integration testing, Jenkins and AppCenter for continuous integration, Kafka for real-time data processing, and proprietary admins and services for internal requirements.


The outsourced QA team collaborated seamlessly with our client internal teams, including QA Manager, R&D Director, R&D Group Manager, R&D Team Leader, Product Owners (POs), Team Leaders, developer teams (front-end developers, back-end developers, QAs), and art teams (graphic designers, animators).

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

Through the collaboration with the outsourced QA team, our client achieved significant benefits and a positive business impact:

  • High-Quality Work

    The dedicated QA team delivered consistently high-quality testing, ensuring a bug-free gaming experience for players.

  • Global Collaboration

    Successful collaboration with development teams from Romania and Argentina expanded global reach.

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