QA Audit & Consulting

Reexamine your workflow, identify trouble points in quality assurance, and get suggestions to minimize risks with SnoopGame’s QA consulting services

About QA Audit & Consulting

SnoopGame professionals conduct QA consulting and testing to identify weaknesses and improvement areas in software development and quality assurance processes. Our comprehensive testing approach involves assessing development methodologies, testing practices, documentation, security measures, and compliance.
Looking for consulting company QA, manual and automated testing? Opt for a transparent process with clear deliverables. With SnoopGame’s in-depth reporting and actionable insight, you will enhance software quality, optimize operations, mitigate risks, and improve overall business outcomes. Here’s what we deliver:

  • QA resource work quality monitoring
  • Project documentation quality
  • Identifying improvement areas
  • Test coverage summary
  • Bug report standardization
  • Staffing and Organizational Structure
  • Test Case and Plan Creation
  • Recruitment and Interview Panel
  • Review of SDLC Against QA Duties

When do you need Software QA Consulting Services and Audit?

  • If your QA engineers evaluate features but can’t create established protocols, QA services consulting comes to the rescue

  • When your developers, project managers (PMs), or product owners handle quality control instead of QA experts

  • When you encounter quality issues (breakdowns, bottlenecks, vulnerabilities) during the development phase

  • When there’s no evident direction on prioritizing test cases’ automation

  • When you face difficulties in overseeing the software testing procedure

  • When there’s no established QA procedure covering a distinct test strategy and plan

Action plan

As a QA consulting company, we follow a precise time-tested process

  • Detecting issues in the QA procedure
  • Assessing actions needed to eradicate those issues
  • Shaping a team accountable for executing measures
  • Spotting and pointing out the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Documenting priorities for effecting enhancements
  • Pinpointing risks associated with identified problems at the end of the QA audit service


We are proud to support industry leaders around the world

  • Studio Head at

    “SnoopGame provides excellent service. We aim to work with teams that are timely, efficient, responsible, and thorough communicators – SnoopGame hits all the requirements. I brought them on to work with one of our partnered dev studios to QA their game. SnoopGame was able and willing to work within the required timeframes but didn’t sacrifice the quality of their work. The devs were very pleased with the sufficiency and clarity of the testing reports, which ultimately translated to a better experience for players.”

  • Executive Producer at Manifesto Games

    Túlio Caraciolo

    “SnoopGames helped us with some of our games for Android, iOS, and Web. They provided a superb testing service on all those platforms with very detailed bug reports and communication.”

  • Director of Markeb EURASIAN

    Oleksii Bagrii

    “I would strongly recommend working with SnoopGame for a couple of reasons. First of all, is reliability. SnoopGame delivers top-notch services for all HiddenCity platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web, Amazon) We strive to create a top-quality product, and partnership with this company was the right decision. The second thing is communication. They provide a quick response with comprehensive reports.”

  • CEO, Akupara Games

    David Logan

    “SnoopGame was very easy to work with. I loved that they assigned people to our project and that we were able to communicate throughout the entire process. It was super convenient all the mobile devices they had on hand to assist our team with testing.”

  • Quality Assurance Manager at Zeptolab

    Dmitry Klimov

    “We have been working with SnoopGame QA outsourcing since the beginning of 2016. They are a professional and flexible team. Always show excellent speed and quick response to changes in projects and processes.”

  • Game Director and Co-Founder at Helium9 Games

    Iskander Umarov

    “SnoopGame helped us with QA for our game on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. They managed to fulfill all of our requests and instructions, working the way we wanted QA to work, and providing the detailed testing reports in the format we required. Snoop Game QA had become an extension of our department integrated into our own workflow allowing us to get more game QA when we need it with minimal overhead on our end. We are happy with our cooperation and we can recommend SnoopGame as a dependable and flexible QA service provider!”

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