Elevating Your Mobile Game’s App Store Ratings: Key Tactics

Elevating Your Mobile Game's App Store Ratings: Key Tactics

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25 Apr 2024 10 min read

Boosting Mobile Game App Store Ratings: How to Get More App Reviews

In the highly competitive world of mobile apps, every developer dreams of producing a star—the one app that stands out from the crowd. However, achieving that level of performance requires more than simply cutting-edge features and an attractive appearance. The desired app ratings and reviews may make or break your app’s reputation in the market.

Why should you care how to get app reviews? Because they serve as the foundation for digital validation and, therefore, influence how much money your app brings.

Why is there so much buzz about App Store ratings?

The reviews in the App Store are the average score that users give an app based on their experience. The scores range from 0 to 5 stars. These ratings appear strongly on the game’s page in the App Store and also in search results and top charts. 

Previous user ratings heavily influence the process of choosing a new game to download. High ratings are seen as a testimonial of the game’s quality, resulting in more downloads. And also, you make more money.

All Say Improve App Rankings—But why is it worth it?

  1. More downloads. A good rating results in a higher conversion rate, which means more people will install your game.
  2. Better search ranking. A high rating increases your game’s exposure in App Store search results, resulting in more downloads.
  3. Lower acquisition costs. As organic installations rise, the cost of gaining new users via marketing drops.
  4. Featured opportunities. A high rating increases the chances of your game getting featured on the App Store.

Must-Know—Key Stats on App Store Ratings

Before we dive into how to improve app ratings, let’s explore key stats about App Store ratings that you should know:

  • User consideration. 90% of users believe ratings are vital when deciding whether to download an app or not.
  • Trust the reviews. Nearly 50% of all users prioritize reviews above reading from a certain source that says that a mobile game is good.
  • Pre-download checks. Approximately 80% of people look for ratings and reviews before installing an app.
  • In-app purchases. More than half of users look at reviews and comments before making an in-app purchase.
  • Application updates. 53% of users consult reviews before deciding whether to upgrade an existing app.
  • Impact on conversions. Raising your star rating from 2 to 3 stars may potentially boost conversions by up to 307%. Improving from 3 to 4 ratings may increase conversions by up to 95%.
  • Average rating. The average iOS app rating is 3.8 stars. But it doesn’t mean you should stop there. Am higher and attract more positive feedback and downloads of your game.

How to Get More App Reviews? | Strategies that Work

  1. Run surveys. Collect immediate feedback from users to better identify pain points and opportunities for development.
  2. Have professional mobile game QA. It’s important to react to user feedback fast after launch, and better before launch in the closed test group to unlock the fullest potential of your product and therefore get more positive reviews and higher ratings.
  3. Ask for ratings at the right moment. Timing is important—ask for ratings after a pleasant in-app experience. But don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to appear annoying.
  4. React to the reviews. Engage with people by responding to their issues and thanking them for good comments. It’s also worth engaging on social media, to grow your product loyalty and increase the visibility of your brand.
  5. Encourage ratings. Provide prizes or incentives for posting reviews. Getting a small reward also increases positive reviews.
  6. Track and optimize keywords. Use appropriate search terms in your app description and reaction to reviews.
  7. Utilize user-generated content. Showcase positive reviews and comments in your app.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mobile App with SnoopGames

SnoopGames offers powerful mobile game testing that will help identify pain areas and improve your app’s reputation. Increase your mobile app rating by utilizing the SnoopGames mobile game QA team and all the insights and techniques we shared. 

Remember that app ratings are more than simply numbers; they reflect user happiness and trust. By applying these tactics, you will not only increase your app’s exposure but also build a devoted user base.

Ready to elevate your mobile game’s App Store ratings?

Dive into key tactics and level up your testing game!

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