VR Barber Simulator  (NDA)

Client Overview

  • Game Intro

    This Game offers an immersive virtual experience, allowing players to embody the roles of both a skilled barber and a master tattoo artist. This unique game enables players to unleash their creativity as they cater to clients’ distinct needs, utilizing an array of tools to deliver precise shaves, intricate tattoos, and more. Become the ultimate master of transformation in this captivating virtual world.

  • Business Requirements

    Since its launch in January 2023, our client has gained popularity among virtual reality enthusiasts, particularly on platforms like Oculus Quest and Quest 2. To ensure consistent quality and stability, the developers recognized the need for thorough testing of game updates. The primary objective was to identify and rectify any bugs before introducing new features to the player community.

    Tested on

    • VR

Game Testing Solutions

  • Functional testing

    Rigorous functional testing ensures the seamless performance of all game features, including newly introduced ones.

  • User Interface Testing

    Thorough assessment of the user interface guarantees usability and adherence to design standards.

  • Update Testing

    New features and changes undergo meticulous testing to ensure smooth integration with the game.

  • Regression Testing

    Comprehensive regression testing is conducted after updates to verify the stability of existing functionalities.

  • Issue Reporting and Bug Tracking

    Precise documentation expedites bug fixing by providing detailed information to the development team.

  • Comprehensive Test Documentation

    Detailed test plans, cases, and scenarios offer comprehensive coverage of the game’s aspects.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

  • Stability Assurance

    Developers gain confidence in the stability of updates, reducing the occurrence of post-release issues.

  • Enhanced Quality

    Rigorous testing uncovers hidden bugs, leading to an overall improvement in game quality.

  • Flexibility and Customization

    The adaptable testing model caters to the evolving needs of the game, ensuring a seamless testing process.

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