#1 Farming Game  (NDA)

Client Overview

  • Game intro

    Our client has developed a range of games spanning multiple genres, including city-building simulations, puzzle games, match-three games, time management, and adventure games.

  • Business Requirements

    The client faced the challenge of maintaining high-quality gaming experiences for their players across various teams and tasks. To address this, they reached out to us, to collaborate and enhance their testing process.

    Tested on

    • iOS
    • Android

Game Testing Solutions

  • Application testing on Android and iOS platforms

  • Comprehensive test documentation

  • Regression and bug retesting

  • Thorough content testing

  • Functional and installation testing

  • Rigorous performance testing

  • Meticulous localization testing

  • Exploratory testing for uncovering hidden issues

  • UI testing to ensure a polished user experience

  • Initial smoke testing and sanity checks

  • Testing of in-app purchases to guarantee a seamless transaction process

  • Analytics testing to ensure accurate data tracking


To streamline the testing process and achieve optimal results, SnoopGame utilized a range of tools and technologies, including:

  • Android Studio and 3uTools for efficient debugging and log management
  • GitHub Desktop for effective version control and collaboration
  • Map Editor for configuration management
  • Admin panel for managing project components
  • Sentry for detailed log analysis and error identification

Business Impact/Benefits Delivered

  • Acceleration of the testing process

    By deploying a dedicated team of QA professionals, experienced faster turnarounds in testing cycles, allowing for quicker updates and releases.

  • Enhanced product quality

    Through comprehensive testing and meticulous bug identification, the overall quality of the farm game improved, resulting in fewer user-reported issues and enhanced player satisfaction.

  • Seamless communication and collaboration

    Our involvement in various client departments fostered efficient cross-team coordination, leading to a more cohesive development and testing process.

  • Consistent user experience

    Rigorous UI and localization testing ensured that players across different regions enjoyed a consistent and culturally relevant gaming experience.

  • Reliable in-app purchases

    Thorough testing of in-app purchases provided players with a smooth and secure transaction process, contributing to increased revenue and player trust.

  • Data-driven decision-making

    Analytics testing ensured accurate data collection, empowering our client to make informed decisions based on reliable insights.

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