Blockchain multiplayer game (NDA)

  • Client Overview

    Our client is a game development studio founded in 2022 by industry veterans with over 15 years of experience in the video game sector. Based in Spain, has built a formidable creative team of world-class developers dedicated to producing exceptional video game titles for a growing global market.

  • Business Requirements

    Despite having a strong development team, they lacked in-house testers to rigorously evaluate their latest game in development. They needed a reliable solution to ensure the application was thoroughly tested across multiple dimensions to meet their high standards for quality and performance.


    • Windows 10
    • Windows 11

Game Testing Solutions

  • Writing Test Documentation

    Our team created detailed test documentation to outline the testing procedures, scenarios, and expected outcomes. This documentation served as a blueprint for all testing activities, ensuring consistency and thoroughness.

  • Functional Testing

    We performed extensive functional testing to verify that all features of the game operated as intended. This involved checking gameplay mechanics, user interfaces, and interactive elements.

  • Stress Testing

    Our testers subjected the game to stress tests to evaluate its performance under extreme conditions.

  • Exploratory Testing

    Our team conducted exploratory testing to uncover unexpected issues by simulating real-world usage scenarios. This approach helped us identify unique bugs that standard testing might miss.

  • Retesting

    After initial bug fixes were made, we performed retesting to ensure that all previously identified issues were resolved and that no new problems had arisen.


Team Composition: 1 Lead QA, 2 Middle QAs

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

  • Issue Identification and Resolution

    Most of the issues we discovered have been fixed, or are currently being addressed, improving the overall stability and functionality of the game.

  • High-Quality Product Development

    Continuous testing activities ensured that the game remained on track to become a high-quality product, helping to secure our clients’ reputation for excellence in the gaming industry.

  • Suggested Improvements

    Our team’s insights and suggestions for improvements were often implemented, contributing to a more polished and user-friendly gaming experience.

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