AR Skateboarding (NDA)

Game Intro

  • Client Overview

    Our client, a cutting-edge technology company, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the skateboarding experience through their mobile application. Is an augmented reality (AR) platform catering to skateboarding enthusiasts, available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app leverages AR to provide a unique and immersive skateboarding experience, offering various features and functionalities that resonate with skateboarding lovers.

  • Business Requirements

    Facing the challenge of ensuring a seamless and high-quality user experience for their AR-based app, they sought to collaborate with a dedicated testing partner to address a range of testing needs. Their primary goal was to maintain consistent communication with both their in-house team and outsourced resources while ensuring the application’s reliability, functionality, and overall performance.


    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Charles
    • 3uTools
    • Confluence

    Tested on

    • iOS
    • Android
    • AR

Game Testing Solutions

Our team devised a comprehensive testing strategy that encompassed various stages of the app’s lifecycle. We provided a range of testing services that included, but were not limited to:

  • Test documentation

    Ensure clarity and consistency in testing efforts.

  • Regression testing

    Identify and rectify any potential issues stemming from new updates or features.

  • Functional testing

    Validate the app’s core functionalities and features.

  • Installation testing

    Ensure a smooth installation process for users.

  • Performance testing

    Assess the app’s stability and responsiveness under different conditions.

  • Localization testing

    Ensure the app’s compatibility and user-friendliness across diverse regions and languages.

  • Exploratory testing

    Uncover unexpected issues and edge cases.

  • UI testing

    Guarantee a visually appealing and consistent user interface.

  • Smoke and Sanity testing

    Ensure the app’s basic functionalities are intact after each update.


Our team of two dedicated professionals worked seamlessly alongside our client Unity developers, designers, artists, project managers. Initially, the project required part-time involvement, but as the collaboration progressed, our engagement increased to four days a week. This close partnership enabled us to align our testing efforts with the development team’s work and promptly address any issues that arose.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

Through our dedicated testing efforts and collaboration with client several significant benefits were realized:

  • Product Quality Improvement

    Our rigorous testing regimen contributed to a significant enhancement in the overall quality and reliability of the  app.

  • Reliable in-app purchases

    Thorough testing of in-app purchases provided players with a smooth and secure transaction process, contributing to increased revenue and player trust.

  • Documentation Orderliness

    Thorough test documentation improved clarity and facilitated smooth communication between the development team, testing team, and stakeholders.

  • Confident Release

    Our testing efforts provided the confidence to release updates and new features, knowing they had been thoroughly validated.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    By addressing potential issues and bugs, we ensured a seamless and enjoyable user experience, boosting user satisfaction.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    Early identification and resolution of issues helped prevent costly post-release fixes, saving time and resources.

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