Healthcare App (NDA)

  • Client

    Our client developed a software development kit intended for various healthcare applications, including enhancing telemedicine, managing and treating chronic diseases, and conducting remote clinical trials.

  • Business Requirements

    The client’s team sought an expert to establish a comprehensive QA process, test the SDK on both iOS and Android platforms, document its specifications, and ensure compliance with medical certification standards. The specific requirements included:

    • Testing existing functionalities
    • Providing ongoing quality assurance support

    Tested on

    • iOS
    • Android

Testing Solutions

The majority of QA activities comprised functional and UI testing, common for software products in development. Additional tasks performed by the QA expert included:

  • Conducting superficial security testing, as well as stability and reliability testing, crucial for ensuring the product’s correct operation and meeting legal requirements.

  • Running configuration testing, since the application heavily relies on the device’s camera, and each manufacturer has unique built-in feature specifications.

  • Performing volume testing, as the mobile platforms interpret C++ algorithms using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, which often results in hard-to-reproduce bugs.

  • Utilizing ad-hoc testing due to incomplete product documentation, relying on previous experience with healthcare software to conduct necessary checks.

  • Creating detailed test documentation to compensate for the lack of a software requirements specification provided by the client.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

With each introduction of new features, the QA engineer identified critical issues that occasionally necessitated a change in development approach. The development team was highly skilled, so significant defects disrupting the intended functionality flow were rare. However, edge cases frequently emerged, typically at the intersection of different features, and were swiftly addressed. Consequently, with each update, the platform became increasingly stable.

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