Fitness App (NDA)

  • Client Overview

    Our client, a California-based company, has developed a fitness app tailored for home workouts that integrates seamlessly with professional-grade boxing equipment.

  • Business Requirements

    The client needed thorough functional and UI testing for their iOS application, focusing on key features. They provided a training gadget to be used during the sessions. The primary objectives included:

    • Testing positive and negative scenarios.
    • Checking the app interface on devices with different screen sizes.
    • Preparing comprehensive checklists.

Testing Solutions

  • Checklist and Bug Identification

    Developed a checklist for each software feature.
    Conducted testing and documented any bugs.
    Retested features after bug fixes.

  • Insights and Feedback

    Received daily updates on work progress and bugs found.
    Informed about incomplete interfaces and future development plans.

  • Development Approach

    A separate app version was created specifically for testing.
    New features were developed and tested in this environment first.
    Only features that passed tests were integrated into the main app and released.

  • Testing Types

    Functional testing
    UI testing
    Cross-device testing
    Regression testing
    Negative testing

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

  • Functionality Check

    We meticulously validated the functionality of the game, ensuring that every aspect operated as intended, leaving players with a seamless and engaging experience.

  • Game Improvement

    Our meticulous bug detection and resolution process led to the identification and rectification of 30-40 bugs per iteration. This enhancement significantly contributed to the game’s overall quality and polish.

  • Change Validation

    We diligently cross-referenced the changelog with the game’s implementation, ensuring that all changes were accurately reflected.

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