Booking Platform (NDA)

  • Client Overview

    Our client, the leading marketplace for private holiday home rentals, allows users to book properties in over 50 countries directly from the owners. The platform empowers property owners with greater freedom and control over renting their holiday homes.

  • Business Requirements

    The client requested comprehensive website testing on the live platform to ensure optimal appearance and functionality across various devices.

Game Testing Solutions

The client specified the need for one round of full-site testing and the types of testing required. Hence, an estimate-based cooperation model was ideal. We informed the client about the exact time and cost before commencing the work.

QA engineers were assigned to conduct cross-browser and cross-device testing. Since access to the site is restricted to the Netherlands, we used a VPN to simulate access from this region.

First, the team requested a test booking entity – a user account with a property available for rent, designated exclusively for testing purposes. This allowed us to examine features without disrupting the real user experience. We used this account to verify the booking functionality, leave property feedback, submit questions to an owner, and more, ensuring real owners were not inconvenienced.
Next, we discussed which pages and functionalities to test. The following were excluded:
Pages and functionalities the client specified did not need testing.
Pages and functionalities that could not be tested due to the live environment’s constraints.
After defining the scope, our team prepared the test documentation. QA engineers used a checklist covering the agreed-upon functionality to test it on the required devices and browsers. Since the client did not use a bug tracking system, defects were reported in a Google Spreadsheet, alongside the checklist items.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

The team identified 73 bugs. Although most were Minor and Trivial, their cumulative effect could significantly impact user experience.

The report aims to help improve the platform’s quality and enhance the overall user experience on the website. We recommended fixing all critical and major bugs and suggested addressing the most noticeable minor defects to further improve usability.

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