3D Virtual World (NDA)

  • Client Overview

    Our client, an innovative technology studio, aims to connect people through cutting-edge solutions and creative experiences. They developed a virtual 3D world centered around a major sports event, allowing users to create avatars, explore, complete missions resembling mini-games, make friends, and engage in various activities.

  • Business Requirements

    • The 3D world was built entirely from scratch and lacked extensive documentation, requiring QA engineers to rely solely on Figma designs.
    • The project was intricate with tight deadlines, aligned with the event’s start date, making rescheduling impossible.
    • Development and testing occurred simultaneously within the same environment, complicating the testing process and potentially affecting its efficiency.

Testing Solutions

We agreed to an estimate-based approach: our team calculated the necessary hours, personnel, and total cost based on the project scope and requirements. QA engineers proposed functional and UI testing for both the game and web layers, which Solarflare Studio approved.

Deadlines To meet the strict deadlines, we focused on:

Involving as many experts as possible.
Assigning experienced QA specialists due to the project’s custom nature and lack of documentation.
Despite simultaneous development and testing, maximizing testing efficiency by:
Creating and updating checklists as requirements or designs changed.
Managing the statuses of logged defects to monitor debugging, even though this is uncommon for single-round testing.
We prioritized testing based on functionality stability:
Completed and stable features were tested first.
New features were added to the checklist and tested as per priority.
Bugs that were fixed or non-reproducible were assigned new statuses.
When design files were unclear, QA engineers consulted the client for clarification or used their experience to make informed decisions about specific features.

Business Impact / Benefits Delivered

QA engineers identified and reported 160 bugs, with 53 marked as Major and 15 as Critical.
Key issues detected included:

  • Cross-device account conflicts.

  • Frozen avatars

  • Blocked access to locations

  • Extensive Bug Reporting

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