How Early QA Integration Can Save Time and Resources in Game Development

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09 Jul 2024 7 min read

Early QA Integration For  Saving Time & Resources in Game Development

While no code is perfect at first, your PC game must be before it goes public. It needs to look good, have no bugs, work the way you want it to, and be ready to wow your end-users. To do that, you need a quality testing method that works well.

But is early QA integration testing really worth it? The short answer is yes.

Early Bug Detection

You can lower risks, avoid bugs, and speed up the game’s time to market by setting up clear documentation and QA right from the start. We understand that integration testing QA may not be at the top of your priorities in the beginning but it’s a smart decision. And we are here to explore why.

More Efficient & Faster Development Cycle

Early QA integration speeds up the development process as testers find and fix bugs before they become part of the code. This proactive method stops the usual slowdown at the end of the cycle. When big bugs are found closer to the project’s deadline, they require a lot of redoing, which slows the launch of the game.

To put it into perspective, let’s explore Facebook‘s early inclusion of QA into Messenger development, which illustrates how early defect detection and resolution may speed up the development process. Facebook maintains a competitive edge by optimizing the development cycle and minimizing late-stage bottlenecks, resulting in timely and high-quality releases. 

Facebook Messenger remains very successful; over 90 million small businesses use it daily. You may think, well, it’s not a game. But the rules are the same. As you boost your speed and efficiency of development with videogame QA, you can launch faster and achieve higher quality for your product.

Cost Savings

Your business can save a lot of money by adding QA at the start of the game development process. IBM’s Systems Sciences Institute says that fixing a bug found during the design process can cost up to 6 times more than fixing a bug found during the requirements stage. Which makes game QA testing services an important field to invest in.

Also, if the same problem is found after the release, the costs can go up by 15 times or more. Early QA (video games) helps find bugs before they are put into the system, which lowers the costs of fixing them later on.

Besides, finding bugs early on means fixing them with less work and fewer resources. This smart use of resources cuts down on instant costs and frees up team members to work on improving product features and coming up with new ideas instead of fixing problems. This ideal distribution of resources makes the team more productive and boosts team morale.

Improved Game Quality and Stability

Adding QA from the start makes your game better overall. Early QA game testing makes sure that the architecture of the product is stable and that any possible design flaws are fixed before they become bigger problems. This approach makes the game more robust and reliable, which increases user satisfaction and boosts brand reputation. 

Also, testing on different platforms helps your game perform the same on any OS or hardware configuration. You provide a better player experience, which leads to building a loyal player base and, therefore, higher revenue.

Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Users want games that work quickly, intrigue, and don’t have any bugs. Early QA helps to make sure that the result meets these standards by providing you with feedback and making changes from the very start of development. 

The game testing process fosters better collaboration and communication among development team members, therefore boosting innovation and quality of the game features. When things are aligned in this way, user satisfaction goes up, and the chance of expensive refunds or customer service problems after launch goes down.

QA Best Practices for Early Integration

You have chosen to use video game QA testing in your development process. That’s what we would do if we were in your place to get the best result.

  • Check your burning QA needs. Despite how clear it may seem, you need to do your research and find the weak spots in your QA process. Well, there is good news: you can already get professional help from a game QA testing company at this point.
  • Set clear goals and realistic deadlines. Talk to your game QA provider about your goals and what to expect. Tell them everything they need to know to do their job and meet your wants. Making sure that your visions are aligned is key to a faster and more efficient QA process.
  • Stay on track. You might think that you can’t go back to the old ways once you hire QA testers to make your game better. To be honest, staying on the right path does take some work. You’ll need to keep an eye on your game team and make sure that your product doesn’t have any bugs. The best way to do that is to have a proactive QA strategy rather than rush for help when bugs and issues go out of hand.

Early QA testing is really a key to successful game development, but it’s important to work with professional QA providers who specialize in video games to achieve truly great results and all the benefits we talked about above.

Final Thoughts

Overall, integrating QA early on helps companies make better games and stay ahead of the competition by fostering a mindset of quality and constant growth. Do you agree with that but are not sure where you can get a game QA testing service provider? Here at SnoopGemas, we help our clients find bugs early, make good use of resources, and improve the quality of their games by using QA testing early on. This method not only cuts costs and speeds up time to market, but it also makes sure that our clients release games that go above and beyond what their end-users expect.

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