What are the ideal skills for a game QA specialist?

You can’t deny the popularity of the IT niche nowadays. And game testing companies seems like the dream come true. Lots of games and lots of their variations appear every day and hardcore gam-ers know them all. A nice game is not only mind-stimulating but also helps to visit a new world and gain a new experience. But can you imagine if something will go wrong, freeze, or crash? This won’t be a nice gaming experience at all.

So you can imagine how many people would like to become computer game testing specialists. It’s a popular field among all developers, managers, designers, and everybody else who is engaged with beta games testing. In a way, our team is just like a team of rock stars living their best lives.

Nevertheless, each game QA specialist should have particular skills to manage the work and to make the most of it. We highlight next:

  • High level of attentive behavior
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of software development life cycle
  • Prior experience with all types of consoles and controllers
  • Great writing skills to describe the experience
  • Great communication skills to talk with another specialist
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of computer’s hardware
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of coding that in the future can help you to check everything faster and better.

We do believe, that education is not the driving thing for the last several years, but the statistics show that people, who have a degree in anything related to computer science, like programming, development, etc. Many universities and colleges all around Ukraine make sure to provide students with top-notch education regarding programming and development. That’s why you see Ukrainian developers all over the world, occupying the paramount positions in the superb world-known com-panies.

Even if this all sounds like a dream come true, it is not like that. Beta game testing specialists rarely can play as if they were playing with friends at home. They have to check everything carefully, cre-ate and write down the documentation, prepare all kinds of reports, check if the issues are fixed, and many many more.

Yes, you can try yourself in a play testing niche, but be prepared to be tired of gaming. If not, then you are a miracle that we would like to meet someday!