Commonly used service models:


    Hourly service for small test runs.

    – Could be executed within hours.

    – Testing Report at the end of the task.

    – Full access to all devices and services.

    – Single point of contact for coordination.

    – The best option for the first outsourcing task.

    Just provide us the build and requirements.

    Invoices are issued after each assignment.


    The must-have for a single-project.

    – Pre-agreed testing scope.

    – Daily Project Progress reports.

    – Ability to order project-specific devices.

    – Can be used at any stage of development.

    – Customizable issue tracking project in JIRA.

    Outstaff and Outsource are both applicable.

    Invoices are issued after each test run or monthly.


    Are you going to publish it?
    Better call a QA Team!

    – Test prototyping.

    – Creating process from scratch.

    – Allows delivering updates weekly.

    – Сontinuous feedback during production.

    – Lead QA permanently assigned to the project.

    For ongoing support of any type of product.

    Invoices are issued monthly.


    There is no real need in strictly following any specific model to start outsourcing your testing.

    We have plentiful experience in delivering custom-made QA for dozens of different game developers.

    Contact us in any available way, such as Facebook Messenger on the right, “Contact Us” section, or simply by dropping us an email to

All cooperation schemes can be modified and tailored to your needs.

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