Quality Kits

When developing the game there is a limited time to negotiate the details of the QA process.

If you want to get testing as soon as possible, then Quality Kits are what you are looking for.

Our team has an expertise in performing a quick assessment of any software types.

By having the project tested at the earliest stages you reduce the overall cost of fixing the defects in the future.

You can choose any testing option below (or several of them) and send us an inquiry from a corresponding page.

Please contact us to find out more about each Kit or to request more complex testing.


In collaboration with VP Production – Sound Design Studio


Before we confirm the final cost and deadlines, our team will analyze the size and complexity of the game.

Additional Quality Kits are constantly in development – stay tuned for updates.

If you didn’t find a Kit that suits your needs, please contact our QA department supervisor via testing@snoopgame.com and we will send a personal offer for you.