Purchase kit

Both premium single-player games and constantly updating F2P projects are valued by players for their story, characters, locations, and other content, in a broader sense. And it is important for each player to be able to see everything that the game has to offer, even if there is a price tag on it.

SnoopGame QA offers you to use a services kit aimed at testing the premium functions of the game.

– Live player accounts;

– Testing on real devices;

– Visa/MasterCard credit cards;

– Validation of unlockable content;

– Video recordings of the purchase process;

– Testing on interruptions and fraud possibilities.

Our team will conduct a full range of checks to make sure that the players will get their diamonds in the way you designed. 💎

Pricing, USD:

  • Starter – 16 hours for 256
  • Optimal – 32 hours for 512
  • Complete – 64 hours for 1024