5 steps to establish a QA process

Check the FAQ and learn about 10 essential things to have before we start.

Our steady and transparent processes are developed to make sure that nothing unexpected stands between you and the release.

Every fraction of a process can be modified, split, reiterated, etc.

We put quality and flexibility in the first place at all times!

We sign an SLA to ensure the best experience for everyone involved.

  • Get in touch and describe the task.

    Email, Skype, Telegram, Zoom, Discord, Slack, etc.
  • Send us the builds, docs and information.

    We will prepare and sign NDA to ensure your confidentiality.
  • We draft a test plan for your approval.

    The more info we have – the more precise time estimate will be.
  • SG QA team executes the task.

    You set the dates – we test in our lab, report bugs and collect the data.
  • You recieve the results.

    A dedicated QA Lead will prepare a Test report.pdf, graphs, links to bugs, impressions, etc.


How we build our estimates:

The estimate helps to understand the scope of work, the total number of hours needed for testing, and the final cost of the project.

To make an estimate for your project, we need:

  • A link to the project;
  • A description of a target aurience and their devices;
  • Specifications and design files (if there are any);
  • Your requirements for the testing.

Any additional documentation you might have is always welcome.

Right after we receive all needed information, our QA specialist will prepare the detailed testing estimate.

After your approval, we can start testing.

When to tell us about upcoming tasks?

It’s great to be informed in at least 3-5 workdays before the task.
We will reserve a team of testers and desired devices for you.

Remember that we are a flexible team!

Even if the task should be done by yesterday – we can handle it.

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