What about our work process?

We help you to improve the quality of your product in 7 steps.

Behind each step, our team is working for achieving the final result.

All steps are discussed directly with you and your team on the meetings.
Every block of work can be modified, splitted, reiterated et cetera.
We put quality and flexibility in a first place while working on tasks!

Our steady and transparent work process allows you to be sure that nothing unexpected is standing between you and the release.

7 steps:

  • Getting the project details.
    Providing accesses, documents, and information on the project, so our QA specialists can get acquainted with the project.

  • Preparing an estimate for the particular project.

  • Approval of the estimate and the scope of work.

  • Сonfirmation on the start date and end date (deadlines).

  • Preparation of test documentation (checklists, test cases) if needed.

  • Start of the testing.

  • Providing of the results in the previously agreed way.

The scheme can be modified according to your work process and type of cooperation.

There is how we build our estimates:

The estimate is helping to understand the scope of work, the total number of hours needed for testing and the final cost of the project.

To make an estimate for your project, we need:

  • A link to the project;
  • A list of devices you’d like us to use for the testing;
  • Specifications and design files (if there are any);
  • Your requirements for the testing.

Any additional project documentation you might have is always welcome.

Right after we receive all needed information, our QA specialist will prepare the detailed estimate and in the same day, you will receive it for the review. After your approval, we can start testing.

When to tell you about upcoming tasks?

It’s always great to be informed at least one week before, so we can reserve QA specialist for you and start testing right after we received project details.

Remember that we are a flexible team! Even if task it should be done by yesterday – we can handle it.

Where to sign?

We will send you NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and General Agreement.

Work is done under SLA (Service Level Agreement), which is guaranteeing the level of service we provide.

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