Investigative kit

When the game has been released your players could encounter unexpected problems and sometimes even report them. Usually, there are not many details in them and thus no way to fix them quickly. If, for example, there is a complaint from Emily, a user from California, without logs or clear information – entrust the investigation to us.

SnoopGame QA offers you to use a services kit that allows you to conduct an investigation of known issues or particular modules.

Our team will perform a full range of checks to provide you with information about the quality of the software product or service under test, it’s specific parts, or a way to reproduce known issues.

We provide a range of monitoring and measurement results allowing your team to analyze and interpret them to resolve a problem.

Duck Bug

Pricing, USD:

  • Starter – 16 hours for 256
  • Optimal – 32 hours for 512
  • Complete – 64 hours for 1024