Installation kit

Software typically uses a setup program which acts as a multi-configuration wrapper that allows the software to be installed on a variety of operating environments.
Every possible configuration should receive an appropriate level of testing so that it can be released to customers with confidence.

SnoopGame QA offers you to use a services kit aimed at testing your game on real devices within every supported platform.

– Ensuring optimal user experience;

– Flexible execution in required pacing;

– 120 devices available for testing in-house;

– QA Engineer monitoring and logging each installation.

We will conduct a full range of checks to make sure that the app works as intended before your users encountered an unexpected problems.

Available devices

*Up to 2 hours is needed to verify installation on every individual device.

Pricing, USD:

  • Starter – 16 hours for 256
  • Optimal – 32 hours for 512
  • Complete – 64 hours for 1024