How does the day of QA specialists look like?

The life of a video game beta testing specialist is not just playing games all day. Most of the time they try to break the game in every possible way, write test cases, research, code sometimes, think and drink coffee.

To tell the truth, most days of the video game qa testing specialist consists of:

  1. Meeting with the team to discuss current issues, goals, obstacles, and everything regarding the project. Then all specialists adjust their task managers and start working.
  2. Working with the team is important. Most things video game testers do, they do together. Such works have more directions, more personal different views on the issue, more opinions, and obvi-ously more communication.
  3. Testing. Well, there is no video game test without actual testing. A typical QA specialist creates and updates test cases which consists of manual testing and analysis of pieces that can be automat-ed. Sometimes test cases fall and the specialist has to cooperate with the developer to re-run the is-sue and see all the bugs.

Mobile game testing specialists don’t sit the whole day looking on the monitor trying to spot bugs, they mostly communicate with each other, create documentations, and run manual, automated, or both test cases to create the best app that the final user will love.

We’ve created this list to highlight the main day-to-day tasks of the regular QA specialist:

  1. Get specifications
  2. Create documentation
  3. Discuss issues with developers
  4. Plan and execute all testing stages
  5. Create and run test cases
  6. Find bugs
  7. Re-run the testing process
  8. Write down the results

And just like any other work, video game testing specialists have hardships and difficult tasks like:

  1. Talking to developers
  2. Creating the wrong bug priority list
  3. Reusing of test scripts
  4. Aiming to find the easiest bugs

But, this all above is nothing comparing to the joy of sinking into this marvelous process of creating the perfect game. And it doesn’t matter whether a QA tester has a computer degree or not. We hope that each person just finds what he or she loves and sticks to it.

And we would be happy if the art of gametest grows and becomes more popular and interesting!