First Impression Kit

In 2018 players are unable to play every new game that came out. How to make sure that your game will not be rejected by the audience?

SnoopGame QA offers you to use a services kit aimed at testing your game flow and retention during the initial hours of the game.

– Snooping the first 2 hours of gameplay to find all the bugs.

– Documenting all minor issues and suggestions.

– Checking the game for compatibility issues.

– Assessing possible flow interruptions.

Our team will conduct a full range of checks to make sure that the game is fun to play and there are no critical issues in the way of the user during the first 2 hours of the gameplay.

Pricing, USD:

  • Starter – 16 hours for 256
  • Optimal – 32 hours for 512
  • Complete – 64 hours for 1024