Does QA influence user engagement?

Imagine your client’s game is always crashing right in the middle of the story. For example, the most painful case might be some kind of a shooter or a football mobile game that died just when the gamer started to win.

Besides, you have to be sure, that the security of your video game is top-notch. To ensure that you need game test services that will check everything.

Make sure that all local folders are hidden or unavailable. This check is important since all critical data of the app is located there, including passwords, progress, and even personal data.

Check twice the possibility of hacking coins or whatever currency you have there. This is important during the playtesting to make sure hackers won’t take advantage and abuse it. This will help your user to trust the game more and you always get money since people buy coins and not hack them.

Also, make sure that special offers, extra games, etc. are available for the gamers from different time zones. This ensures that each user gets a reward or some kind of goodies in a specific amount of time that is based on his or her local time. So qa games testing specialists should check this step be-fore releasing the game. We hope you’ll never see sad and mad gamers who’ve lost all their rewards progress because of the time zone.

It is also proven, that when the gamer feels safe in your app, it’s more likely that he or she purchases something, state necessary personal data, and spend more time in your app. So during the qa testing games, check the possibility of logging in with the help of social media accounts. Such accounts are more secure than direct ones, so it is better for everybody to use such an approach.

During the qa for games make sure that all store items are available, the currency is set according to the user’s location, and that no one can withdraw the funds once they are on the account.

If your apps need video games test, you can surely ask SnoopGame for our services. We will gladly go through all the necessary steps of game tests so every user will be deeply satisfied with the pro-cess and experience of gaming.

Game qa makes sure that each player gets a chance to download a safe game, that will be relevant to his or her location. It is rather a must-have than just the best practice. No one will choose a game that is unsafe, has lots of crashes, and is just very attractive to all kinds of hackers.

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