About Us

Our mission is to ensure the quality of software in all spheres of human activity.

From children's games to medical software.
The goal is to make the world a better place for everyone.

At SnoopGame we believe in progress and humanity.
We satisfied only when the things are working as intended.

Join our crusade and let's get great projects come true!

Our story


We established the company back in 2013 and had to work hard to get to our current position.

At first we occupied the co-working, struggling to get experience and renown.

3 employees 5 mobile devices 3 laptops Based in the co-working


We moved in a brand-new office building. We ended up in an 8th floor and the view was fascinating. Our processes and documentation were mostly already established at this point.

10 employees 16 mobile devices 8 desktop PC’s + 2 iMac’s Based in the office building

We started to hire more people and helped them learn our work standards.


Here we started working with huge companies like Zeptolab and Sports Illustrated.

Some of our employees were working on out-staff projects in other local companies. Reporting back once in a week they were giving us quick insights on their experiences.

This helped us to educate a new wave of testers.

14 employees 22 mobile devices 10 desktop PC's + 4 iMac's Based in the "Out of a box" office building


We have moved to our second office. In few months we will rent the neighboring office. The plan is to smash the wall dividing us and transform the office into 300 square meters open space.

31 employees 39 mobile devices 27 desktop PC's + 4 iMac's Based in the customized open-space

We are simple boys and girls, working everyday to ensure the best customer experience.